AccuLux SL 6 LED Set

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Product description

The case of the dust and splash-water protected safety lamp model AccuLux SL 6 LED is made of robust plastic. The lens optic of the power LED generates a strongly focussed light beam with a high range. A replacement of the LED lamp is not required. Through the 110° flexible lamp head and the included orange viewing pane, the lamp is flexible and can be used, for example, as a blinking warning lamp. The rechargeable, maintenance-free lead gel battery without memory effect is secured against deep discharge and can be permanently charged through the intelligent circuit layout. An automatic switch function from the power LED to the LED pilot lamps also integrated. The lamp has a remaining capacity display through four LEDs installed on the back. The charge state is signalled through a blinking of the pilot lamp. The charging station L 5 with optimised charging technology in minimal dimensions guarantees assembly possibilities for the smallest spots in cars or buildings. The AccuLux SL 6 LED can be charged on 230 V AC as well as 24 V and 12 V DC. Safety emergency light function is present.

  • dust and splash-water protected
  • focussed light beam with high range
  • robust plastic casing
  • flexible lamp head
  • extremely lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Emergency light function, turns on in the event of a power failure
  • automatic switch function from the power LED to the LED pilot lamp (with weak rechargeable battery)
  • ۴-stage charge level display
  • high-quality, maintenance-free led gel battery

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